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Have faith in yourself!

Right now, everyone is going through their own private crisis, on top of the big one we're all coping with. Everyone's money is tight, and everyone is trying to plan their next moves. The biggest piece of advice I can give all my nail techs is ... keep faith in YOURSELF!

Nobody will care about you and your struggle more than yourself. Nobody will fight for your family harder than you will. Most of us have people looking at us to provide them with strength and a sense of stability. Meanwhile, we privately try to figure out our next move and wish someone could give us strength and stability.

As nail technicians, we have an inner drive to succeed. We've all started businesses, whether it's in a shop or in our living rooms, which required us to be brave, be strong, and have faith in our own ability to make money while being creative and working with others. If anyone has the strength to come out of this and maintain, it's us nail techs. If we keep that same faith in us, that others already have in us, we can all hit the ground running, ready to make money after this is all over. Do you really think, after being locked in the house and doing their own nails for months, that our clients won't be ready to see us the second they can???

Stay strong, and stay safe!

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