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How Color-Changing Acrylics Work

I have been asked numerous times exactly how to get the color-changing effects to activate. All color-changing acrylics will work both by themselves and with you acting purposefully. So, here is my quick guide to help you all out.


Heat (Mood) Changing

Heat-changing works as the temperature around the nail changes from warm-to-cold, and cold-to-warm. This will occur naturally depending on room temperature, or you can watch the change occur quicker, like in the video below (we used cold and warm/hot water to demonstrate the change quickly).



UV (Sunlight) changing changes color after being exposed to UV light, which can be either through sunlight or a UV lamp/flashlight. It works very similar to transitional lenses on glasses, where they begin to tint when they hit sunlight.

The images of "Shy Factor #1" (OOS), which was a UV/Sunlight-Changing acrylic, going from White (pre-exposure) to Blue (post-exposure).



It just works! All you have to do is go about your day, and when it gets dark, your nails will glow. HOWEVER!, Glow-in-the-Dark has to be exposed to UV/Sunlight. That's what charges up the "glow". So, if during the course of your day, your nails are exposed to UV light, they will glow later when it is dark. If you want your nails to glow more, shine a UV light/flashlight on them before you go out at night.

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