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How do I active the color changing on the acrylic nails? 

​​You will start to see the color changing affect once the acrylic begins to cure. Once cured, every time the acrylic nails reach 31°C  (with water or body heat) the acrylic will change colors.

How do I activate the glow in the dark part of my acrylics? 


​After applying acrylic nails, please cure under a LED/UV lamp for 120 seconds. Glow in the dark acrylics recharge with natural sun light.

Can cover drops be used with any nail liquid?


Can acrylics be used with any nail liquid? 


Can monomer (nail liquid) be used with any acrylics?


Do your products contain any MMA? 


How fast do you ship out products? 

All orders come with a free gift and tracking number!

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