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Mood Changing vs Heat Changing

A lot of times I get questions about if I have "Mood Changing" acrylics, especially after people see I have Heat Changing acrylics. I typically have 2 ways to answer this, one simple and one more detailed.

The simple answer is ... they're the same thing.

The more detailed answer is ... the way mood changing effects work in general, like with mood rings, is that your body temperature/heat effects the color of whatever is changing color. Like a chameleon. Mood changing is not about if your mad or happy in your head, it's about how your body physically reacts to being mad (heated) or happy (calm and cool).

I call my acrylics Heat Changing because to me, it's a more accurate description of the color changing process of that particular acrylic.

- From the Staff of CNC

Chameleons changing colors.

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