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Nail Tech Check List!

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to know what you need To bring before that next nail service. No matter if you're a traveling nail tech or if your clients come to you! this list is sure to help you.


Nail Service travel supply check list:

1.Cuticle pushers.

2. A Efile drill.

3.A Uv/LED lamp.

4. papers towels.

5. White towels to work on top of.

6. Good table lamp. 7.E- file Nail drill bits. 8. Nail files. 9. Nail buffers. 9. Nail clippers.

10. Alcohol 91%. 11. Acetone. 12. Manicure bowls. 13. Sanitizing jars with orange wood sticks. 14. kolinsky nail brush. 15. Dappen dish. 16. Nail glue. 17. Nail brush cleanser. 18. Nail storage. 19. Paper Towels to clean up. 20. Portable table ( when going to others home to do a service never assume they have a good place for you to work.) 21. Cushion for your seat. 22. Nippers. 23. Nail dehydrator. 24. Nail primer. 25. Nail tips or nail forms.

26. Casara’s Nail Creations colored acrylics. 27. Monomer. 28. No wipe gel top coat.

29. Nail art. 30.Stork scissors. 31. Tweezers. 32. Business cards. 33. Extension cords.

34. Nail polish. 35. Hand sanitizer. 36. Nail polish remover. 37. Cuticle oil.

38. Lint free towels 39. Phone charger 40. E file charger ( if you have a portable e-file)

41. Nail duster 42. Nail foils 43. Chrome powders. 44. Crystal clear acrylic by Casara’s Nail Creations. 45. Pink, Pink acrylic by Casara’s Nail Creations.

46. Pure white acrylic by Casara’s Nail Creations.

47. Glitter acrylics by Casara’s Nail Creations. 48. Color changing acrylics by Casara’s Nail Creations. 49. Disinfectant.

50. Hard gel. 51. Hand soap. 52. Smock. 53.Positivity!

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