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Keep Posting!

To all my Nail Techs,

While you're sitting around unable to take clients, bored and stuck in the house, or possibly even trying to find ways to entertain your children, I say to you ... Keep Posting!!! I offer you the following reasons to keep your head in the game:

  1. Keep up with your followers!

  2. Be creative!!

  3. Stay safe!!!


Keep up with your followers!

While you're swiping away on IG, seeing who's popping in and out of your DM's, don't just like posts and wait to be entertained. YOU have to engage with your followers and remind them that they need to wait for you to see them. Post, post, POST!!! Stay on their mind by showing off your skills, either with pics of old work or pics of practice work you're currently doing. If you sell products, post what you have and what you're working on. Just stay active and keep showing up on their feeds!


Be creative!!

We all know our clients have a difficult time waiting to get what they want when they want it, but they are also loyal to Techs that give them a reason to remain loyal. So keep them loyal, and YOU entertain THEM!

If you have kids stuck at home, bring them into your posts. This will give both you and them something to do.


Stay safe!!!

No matter what, STAY SAFE! As much as it hurts financially, don't take new clients, don't risk the health of you and your family, and don't assume that following safety protocols will protect you!

We have people working in hospitals following ALL safety protocols, and they're still getting infected. This is not that time to risk your life (or your family's) on hopeful thinking.

We at CNC keep all of you, our family, followers, customers, and their families in our prayers. Please stay safe, and we hope we all make it through this healthy and strong.

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