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COVID-19 Financial Survival

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Attention to all my Nail Techs,

We at CNC would like to address one of the hidden concerns you may be facing during this national crisis. While many will talk about the hoarding and price gouging, another concern is finances. As nail techs, we make money with our hands, while dealing with people and their hands (and feet). The news is telling everyone to stay 6-feet away from each other, and not to shake hands or touch anyone else. So how can you survive financially, as someone who HAS to touch others and shake/hold their hands? We have a few suggestions ...

  1. Offer press-on nails


  3. Introduce new products


Offer press-on nails

Press-on nails can give you a base to apply your acrylics and embellishments, without the shaping, sculpting, and filing that creates it's own health hazards or increasing physical interaction. As clients are becoming more reluctant to have close physical interactions, this can minimize both time spent physically interacting and the time needed to complete the service.


Get on Social Media!!!

Engage, Engage, ENGAGE!!! You should already be on social media daily, posting your work and engaging with any and all followers. Spend these down days doing practice sets or working on someone you trust in your house, and posts your work. Be creative and show your followers what you can do, and start booking appointments for April when everyone is getting back to normal.


Introduce a new product

If you have anything you create or sell, market it. Send your client list an email with reminders of what you sell, or offer a coupon code to grab the attention of those stuck in the house.


These are a few suggestions to help you out. If any of you have any additional suggestions, comments, or thoughts, please post a comment below. Let us at CNC know what you think, how you're doing, and what's on your mind. And as always, for you Podcast listeners ... Love, Peace, and Keep your nails on fleek ... yeah!

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